Library Study Carrel Application Form

Important Requirements

  • Applicant must be currently enrolled at UNF
  • Applications will be accepted until the end of the first week of classes
  • Only completed applications will be considered
  • Carrels will be assigned on yearly basis

Upon Application Approval

  • Successful applicants may pickup their intellikey request form in the Library Administration Office (12/2400)
  • Applicant will have one week from the award date to pick up the carrel key, or the carrel will be re-assigned to another applicant
  • Only UNF email accounts will be used to contact the carrel recipients
  • Carrel keys will be distributed the week of September 6

Application Form

General Contact Information
Student Classification
Carrel Needed For...

By clicking "Submit", I certify that the above information is a correct representation of my student status. If assigned a carrel, I agree to all conditions of use as specified in the Carrel Policies. I also understand that failure to use the assigned carrel on a regular basis will result in that carrel's reassignment to another applicant.

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